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At BarberPlace.com our number one priority is customer service – we take pride in taking care of our clients. We strive to make sure your experience will always be pleasurable – as our goal is to equip our clients with quality products to enhance the experience for yourself and/or your customers.

Here at BarberPlace.com our motto is that “Quality Defeats Inexpensive” ... We are proven experts with over twenty years of experience in the hair care industry. Our professional representatives are eagerly ready to assist you in any area of our vast expertise.

BarberPlace.com carriers a wide range of products to suit your needs. If you have any questions about any of our products, please do not hesitate to ask one of our professional staff members.



About The Owner: Khedron Mims


Khedron Mims is a multi-talented Entrepreneur. It all started in his middle school years, gathering around the kitchen table providing haircutting services to family and friends.

He excelled at barbering and was so motivated by his success with customers that he committed to the entrepreneurial call and enrolled in Sherrills University Barber School, in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1997.

Upon graduation Mr. Mims worked as an apprentice at Downy’s Barbershop for two years, then decided to open his own barbershop at the age of 22... calling it "Changing Faces". This was a successful venture until he decided to sell it after five years – opening a new sports themed barbershop and salon named "Rivals".

Through these endeavors and over the years client service, Mr. Mims came to have lots of experience with many different products. As a result, he knows the right products for BarberPlace.com to carry to make sure that “Quality Defeats Inexpensive” – as is our motto.

Having mastered offering world-class services in the Raleigh / Durham area, Mr. Mims acquired the domain BarberPlace.com for $500 in 2011 – launching this website to expand his services nationwide. It is the mission of BarberPlace.com to make sure customers are satisfied to the utmost with their hair care products.

Mr. Mims has the product and service expertise to aid anyone... from cutting your own hair or that of friends and family at home, to starting and operating your own barbershop, salon, or spa... Khedron and the experienced staff of Rivals Barbershop and BarberPlace.com are here to help.